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Please forward this error screen to 109. Readers who may wish to offer what i didn t say keary taylor pdf comments or corrections may contact me at gkpaleo “at” yahoo. 9th edition can be found. Brown’s book and web site.

Brown’s Flood model requires that the proposed water reservoir be totally sealed under the earth’s crust. Precambrian strata, which Brown and most other YECs view as pre-Flood rocks. Brown evidently realized that he needed something to help support the crust. However, this only exchanges one set of problems for another. First, there is no empirical evidence for such pillars. Earth’s crust ranges from 20 to 60 miles thick.

Brown’s book still includes the 10 mi. Flood crust varied from place to place, and was between 20 to 60 miles thick. Flood was a natural and inevitable event. God in response to mankind’s rampant sinfulness, in accord with his literal interpretation of Genesis. Flood by weakening the crust. Flood was directly initiated by God. Perhaps not, but didn’t he just suggest it may well have?

Good luck to anyone trying to sort all this out. In his reviews of Brown’s book at Amazon. He further calculated that if only 0. Earth’s atmosphere, the atmosphere would have been raised by 3000 degrees F!

In view of all this, the energy and heat left on earth would be orders of magnitude more than 0. Yet another heat problem in Brown’s model concerns the mixing of the surface oceans with the super-hot waters in the subterranean chambers. Flood, which would have been inevitable, the oceans would have turned into boiling caldrons, killing virtually all sea life. 1,800 trillion 1-megaton hydrogen bombs! To grasp the enormity of that number, note that the entire volume of the Earth’s oceans is about 1.

14 H-bombs for every cubic kilometer of sea water! Elsewhere Brown tries to remove or counteract some of this energy through other esoteric nuclear processes. However, their composition is quite variable. Brown’s claims about the Earthly origin or meteoroids and asteroids, since Brown implies that Precambrian rocks are pre-Flood. However, photos of the far side show even more craters than the near side.

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