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The Lady and The Green Knight who both have parallels in Arthurian lore. Though originally received by the Warhammer community as too idealistic for the Warhammer atmosphere, further source books have revealed the underlying arrogance of Bretonnian knights and their casually cruel treatment of their lowborn citizens. Bretonnia was founded when the Knight Lord Giles drove the hordes of Orcs and Chaos out of Bretonnia in the name of the Lady, the goddess in whom the Bretonnians place their faith. Since then Bretonnia has been divided and collectively ruled by the King of Bretonnia and his twelve Dukes and their families. Each Duke, in turn, rules over several barons and earls, each having great swathes of land and are able to call upon dozens of knights from the lesser nobility that they rule. However, this religion is only exclusive to the aristocracy, as peasants are considered unworthy to worship Her and any caught doing so are brutally punished.

Their blacksmiths are the best human armorers in the world, second only to the Elves and Dwarfs in craftsmanship. Bretonnians generally believe that chivalrous acts and responsibilities only apply to their fellow aristocrats and do not extend the same courtesies and respect to their peasant citizens. Bretonnian knights are born exclusively from the nobility of Bretonnia as peasants cannot afford the cost of the armor and weapons required to be a knight, to say nothing of the upkeep necessary to keep horses and maintain equipment. These part-time soldiers are paid a marginal wage and are provisionally given basic armor and carry pikes or spears as their armaments.

Each is also required to wear the livery of his lord’s house. Though organized and markedly courageous, they are mostly poorly trained and under-supplied as their lords will rarely spare the time and resources to properly equip them. As such, men-at-arms often rely on salvaged or captured arms and other war gear from the battlefield. For heavy firepower, Bretonnia has only one major siege weapon, the trebuchet. While boasting impressive range, the siege weapon is as inaccurate to fire as it is cumbersome to load. These are usually kept far to the rear of Bretonnian armies along with their peasant longbowmen who rank even less than Men-at-Arms.

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