Vacuum cleaner project pdf

Vacuum cleaner project pdf robot cleans floor using vacuum produced by tiny computer cooler turbine. Automatically roaming in the room avoids furniture and walls.

Any MCU with DC motor driver suit to control this robot. The robot is controlled by AVR Atmega48 with L293D motor driver which were assembled on the prototype board. Because L293D warms pretty much an aluminium heat sink is mounted on it. The 6 volts accumulator is used as a power supply. L7805 5 volts regulator is to supply valid level power to the controller circuit.

This controller could have less contacts Рthis board was made to be used in other prototyping. The step-up DC converter was assembled  on the controller board because a computer cooler turbine requires 12 volts but the accumulator provides only 6 volts. The MC34063A chip was used. All connections were made by soldered wiring.

Resistor are to limit current between bumper contacts and MCU input pins. Part of this will be used as bumpers. The case from plastic jar defines the size of the robot. Draw the circuit in jar size and assemble all robot parts inside it. For such work it’s easy to use steel belt for wall mounting works. Motors, gears and wheels are from toy car. Computer cooler turbine is mounted on the cardboard box.

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