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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718044127. The members of the band label themselves as “melodic folk metal. The band also include fairly frequent use of acoustic guitars, usually at the beginnings of songs. The lyrical themes of their music most often relate to fantastical, archaic, or historic stories that can most often be grouped in with Nordic concepts, usually with heroic sentiment. In 1997, the first demo was released, containing three songs. The highly stylized logo of Ensiferum has appeared on all of their releases.

In January 1999, a second demo was recorded, which although it did not produce a recording deal, boosted the band’s confidence. The logo that appears on all the bands releases was designed for the third demo by Tuomas Tahvanainen, who also designed the logos for the earlier demos. Jari on guitar and as singer, and became a member of the band after the tour. Oliver also left in 2005 to be replaced by Janne Parviainen.

November 2006 and early 2007, and was released on 20 April 2007. Ahti,” which included all band members featured as extras. The video was released after the album release due to video filming problems. She later became a permanent member of the band during the recording of the From Afar album.

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