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In seguito spronato dalla madre, inizia a frequentare una scuola di teatro: l’Avondale Hall. Hans comincia a farsi notare e ad apprezzare, nonostante tess d urberville pdf sua filmografia siano presenti solo film di carattere letterario.

Giacomo Campiotti dove Hans interpreta Yurii Zhivago. Questa pagina è stata modificata per l’ultima volta il 4 ago 2016 alle 23:04. Parson Tringham, has a chance conversation with John Durbeyfield, a simple farmer. The parson thinks Durbeyfield might like to know his origins as a passing historical curiosity. Durbeyfield soon becomes fixated upon the idea of using his noble lineage to better his family’s fortunes.

At the manor house lives Alec d’Urberville and his mother. Tess is a beautiful girl, and Alec d’Urberville has an appetite for women. Finding her naive, penniless and attractive, he sets about taking advantage of the situation. He tries to get her alone, and attempts to seduce her with strawberries and roses, but these efforts are parried by Tess.

In time he rapes her. Tess returns home and soon discovers she is pregnant. She is angry with her mother for placing her at risk when she knew so little of the cruelness of the world. The baby is born sickly and dies. She meets Angel Clare, an aspiring young farmer from a respectable family. He believes Tess to be an unspoiled country girl, and completely innocent. The two fall in love, but Tess does not reveal her previous relationship with Alec until their wedding night.

Disillusioned and heartbroken by the news, Angel rejects her. Deserted by her husband, Tess meets Alec d’Urberville again. She at first angrily rebuffs his advances, but the death of her father puts the family in desperately hard times. Shortly afterwards, Angel Clare returns from travelling abroad.

Brazil has ruined his health. Humbled, and having had plenty of time to think, he feels remorse for his treatment of Tess. He succeeds in tracking her down but leaves heartbroken when he finds her living with Alec. Tess realizes that going back to Alec has ruined her chances of happiness with Angel, and murders Alec.

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