Swami vivekananda speech in tamil pdf

I would like to begin my remarks today by extending my sincerest condolences to many victims of nature’s great fury, the people of India who have suffered tremendous damage from the recent torrential rain cantered in Bihar state, who are even at this very swami vivekananda speech in tamil pdf struggling against enormous hardships. Today I have the great honour of addressing the highest organ of state power in this largest democracy in the world.

I come before you on behalf of the citizens of another democracy that is equally representing Asia, to speak to you about my views on the future of Japan and India. The different streams, having their sources in different places, all mingle their water in the sea. It gives me tremendous pleasure to be able to begin my address today with the words of Swami Vivekananda, the great spiritual leader that India gave the world. My friends, where exactly do we now stand historically and geographically? To answer this question, I would like to quote here the title of a book authored by the Mughal prince Dara Shikoh in 1655. The Pacific and the Indian Oceans are now bringing about a dynamic coupling as seas of freedom and of prosperity.

A “broader Asia” that broke away geographical boundaries is now beginning to take on a distinct form. Our two countries have the ability — and the responsibility — to ensure that it broadens yet further and to nurture and enrich these seas to become seas of clearest transparence. This is the message I wish to deliver directly today to the one billion people of India. That is why I stand before you now in the Central Hall of the highest chamber, to speak with you, the people’s representatives of India. A number of times in history, Japan and India have attracted one another.

Vivekananda came to be acquainted with Tenshin Okakura, a man ahead of his time in early modern Japan and a type of Renaissance man. Okakura was then guided by Vivekananda and enjoyed also a friendship with Sister Nivedita, Vivekananda’s loyal disciple and a distinguished female social reformer. Many people are aware of all that. Tomorrow I will be taking a morning flight to Kolkata, where I expect to meet the son of Justice Radhabinod Pal. Justice Pal is highly respected even today by many Japanese for the noble spirit of courage he exhibited during the International Military Tribunal for the Far East.

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