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American television writer and science secrets of a freelance writer pdf author. Perry is a native of the Deep South. His residences have included Louisiana, California, Washington and Oregon.

His wife is Dianne Waller, a Port of Portland executive. They have two children and four grandsons. Perry has written over fifty novels and numerous short stories, which have appeared in various magazines and anthologies. Other writing credits include articles, reviews, and essays, animated teleplays, and some unproduced movie scripts. The Animation Guild, and the Writers Guild of America, West. The Matador series features a fictional martial art known as “Sumito” or “The 97 Steps”. Many of the non-English words and place names are actually in the Esperanto language.

Khadaji learns economics and politics and military science and eventually decides he has to overthrow the Confederation. This he does by setting up a bar on a planet named Greaves, and while luring soldiers in by day, hunts and paralyzes them by night. Over many months, he paralyzes 2,388 of the 10,000 troops on the planet, only missing with a handful of shots, which he carefully conceals. Eventually, as the first paralyzed soldier awakens, he attacks the commander, is trapped in his bar, and apparently killed. Afterwards, the Confederation military realize that he apparently knocked out almost 2,400 soldiers without missing a single time, a record which becomes a legend, striking fear into the Confederation military ranks. Juete who appears here is one of the major characters in The Omega Cage.

Kamus first appeared in two short stories by J. Michael Reaves in Volume 8 of the “Weird Heroes” series from Pyramid Books. One of the stories is mentioned here. Khadaji master warrior, martyr, legend. The one-man resistance to the Confed on Greaves. Known as “The Man Who Never Missed,” he only let himself be taken when he’d done what he’d set out to do. With his death, Khadaji became the inspiration and idol of students of martial arts everhwere.

Matador Villa the training center for the best fighters in the galaxy, disciples of the great Khadaji. A rigorous program of political tactics and psychological warfare, physical discipline and martial force. A mysterious school on the planet Renault its ultimate motives unknown. Dirisha Zuri a dangerous drifter, a dark-skinned beauty, Khadaji’s colleague.

The school wanted her talents and the galaxy desperately needed her deadly skills. The legend of the Man Who Never Missed becomes the incredible mission of a single woman The Matadora. He had a vision on a bloody battlefield, a vision of the fall of the brutal Galactic Confederation, and of the new order that would come after. He made himself a legend, and that legend inspired a rebellion that swept across the stars. Marcus Wall tried to stop it. He used his immense wealth and corrupt power to close down the Villa, to outlaw the Matadors, to have their leader thrown into a Confed prison. Now it is about to end.

The Matadors are coming out of hiding. They will move against the Confed. They will destroy Marcus Wall. They will do what has to be done to make Khadaji’s dream a reality No matter what the cost. MWILI was born on a cruel, desolate planetand dreamed of the stars. FERRET was a thief and smuggler on exotic worldsuntil his ruin. PEN was trained by the master warriors, the Siblings of the Shroud, learning the lethal skills that would someday forge a legendand conquer an empire.

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