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For ’Elohiym will bring every work into judgement, with every hidden thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. Brad scott catalog pdf download home until Thursday, 4 January 2018 when he leaves for Alabama, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Kentucky. Many modern surveys are now telling us that atheism, primarily due to the proliferation of the Internet, is the fastest growing religion in the world. All media communication is saturated with godless music, movies, advertising, and conversation.

The Internet is filed with articles and videos designed to tear our next generation away from the Creator and the Scriptures that reveal that Creator. Relentless questions and propositions sow the seeds of doubt in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. These questions seem overwhelming and are difficult to answer for many people. In this series, Brad addresses the twenty most common questions that atheists and the new religion of “nones” always ask. Brad takes this verse very seriously. Brad meticulously reveals and defines all the first words of scripture that have their beginning in the flood of Noah, the record of the nations of the world, and the tower of Babel.

Brad discusses in great detail the science of the flood, presenting a useful apologetic for the reality of the world wide flood of Noah. We are told that the days of Noah are likened unto the second coming of the Messiah. If the days of Noah are not literal, then what foundation do we have to believe that the coming of the Son of Man is to be taken literally? Also included is a 187 page workbook. Brad’s books available in the eformat.

As international postal rates have sky rocketed and is above what the market can bear, we pray this will help all of our international body of believers access his books. The Seed is the Word of God. Is it possible that the same could be said of our Heavenly Father? We have created a new category that carries all of Brad’s available slide shows and . I’ll be happy to send you one. Clicking on the product names in the PDF catalogue will take you directly to our marketplace for your convenience.

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