Saga wargame rules pdf

The game emphasizes saga wargame rules pdf of play and reduced preparation over realism or detail. The game received the 2003 Origin Gamers’ Choice Award for best role-playing game. Pinnacle feature a concept known as a “Plot Point Campaign”.

In such campaigns, a series of loosely defined adventure scenarios are presented. Smiling Jack” as a logo on their products. Player characters are built using a point allocation system, though game masters are encouraged to design non-player characters to the needs of the game rather than to fit the system. A character’s race usually refers to his or her species, which may grant or impose modifiers to characteristics. Nationality based differences may occur in campaigns where certain Skill specializations, Edges and Hindrances are affected by cultural or technological differences or are included to add flavor to a character.

Chinese character may learn Chinese Martial Arts but cannot acquire and use its Chi-based Powers. American, British, or French soldiers have special Edges and Hindrances to reflect their different national and military cultures. The number of points assigned to spend on Attributes is usually 5 points, but can be more in certain gameworlds. Attributes are also used to set the point cost of skills in that Attribute’s group. The player can buy levels in a Skill at cost as long as its level is lower than its controlling Attribute. The point cost doubles if the Skill level exceeds the controlling Attribute. For instance, Healing is a Smarts-based skill.

The number of points usually assigned to spend on Skills is usually 15 points, but can be more in certain gameworlds. For instance, a character with Fighting would not just be skilled in fighting with their bare hands or with melee weapons. They might also be able to identify and counter an opponent’s fighting style, know the name and reputation of a skilled fighter they meet, figure out the nationality and rank of a soldier by their uniform and insignia, or locate and hire a mercenary or bodyguard. Healing could be used to diagnose an illness, identify medicinal herbs or pharmaceutical drugs, find a healer or medical specialist, or prevent a disease outbreak in an encampment by organizing sanitation protocols. Edges and Hindrances, unlike Traits, are not rated with dice. They are also grouped by Type, which may – depending on the campaign or world – affect their availability.

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