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The purpose of this book is to describe how pressure can be determined anywhere within a pump system. The inlet and outlet of a pump are two locations where pressure is of special interest. A system equation will be developed based on fundamental principles from power system fundamentals pdf the Total Head of the pump can be calculated, as well as the pressure head anywhere within the system. These principles can be applied to very complex systems.

Friction loss due to fluid flow in pipes is the most difficult component of Total head to calculate. The fluids considered in this book belong to the categories of viscous and non-viscous Newtonian fluids. Wood fiber suspensions are a special type of slurry. There is an excellent treatment on this subject by G. Slurries, which are an important class of fluids, are not considered.

I recommend reference 7, which provides a complete treatment of the subject. However, all the principles for Total Head determination described in this book apply to slurry fluid systems. The only exception is the methods used to calculate pipe friction head. Centrifugal pumps are by far the most common type of pump used in industrial processes. This type of pump is the focus of the book.

The challenge in pump sizing lies in determining the Total Head of the system, not the particular pump model, or the materials required for the application. The pump manufacturers are generally more than willing to help with specific recommendations. Information on models, materials, seals, etc. Often when approaching a new subject, our lack of familiarity makes it difficult to formulate meaningful questions. Chapter 1 is a brief introduction to the components of Total Head. I hope it proves as useful to you as it did to me. 7 Pump operation to the right or left of B.

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