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The Magnetic Fields – 69 My funny valentine lead sheet pdf Songs. I decided I’d write one hundred love songs as a way of introducing myself to the world.

Then I realized how long that would be. So I settled on sixty-nine. And whoever the audience liked best at the end of the night would get paid. I thought, well, I could do something like that. Band member Claudia Gonson has claimed that Merrit wrote most of the songs hanging around in bars in New York City.

Magnetic Fields performed all 69 love songs, in order, over two nights. It’s an album about love songs, which are very far away from anything to do with love. All the songs deal with love in one form or another, but often in an ironic or off-beat fashion, such as “Yeah! When My Boy Walks Down The Street” or “Underwear”.

100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album received an average score of 88, indicating “universal acclaim”. The poll’s creator Robert Christgau ranked it as the best album of the year on his “Dean’s List”. 213 on their own list of all-time greatest albums. 83,000, with an additional 58,000 for volume one, 34,000 for volume two, and 29,000 for volume three.

All tracks written by Stephin Merritt. Reno Dakota”, “Sweet-Lovin’ Man”, “If You Don’t Cry”, “Washington, D. Merritt and guitar on “Yeah! Europe and Australia without the booklet insert. On April 20, 2010 Merge released a limited edition 6×10” vinyl version limited to 1000 copies. Merritt, his sex life, studio practices, and other esoterica. 20 Years of Merge Records: The Covers!

69 of the love songs. 20 Years of Merge Records: THE COVERS! I Don’t Want To Get Over You” at his live shows. The Magnetic Fields: 69 Love Songs”. This page was last edited on 21 December 2017, at 00:19. Please enter a valid location. Be Aware of Your Body Language and Tone of Voice It is important to be relaxed and confident.

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