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Children after God’s Own Heart! I hope that we can build onto my foolish heart pdf theme a great week for the children.

One in which they shor’ have barrels of fun While larnin’ from the good book! Yo’r feedback and ideas are most welcome! Life is not easy and we often find ourselves in troublesome situations where we have to make difficult decisions. An present Saul in contrast. Lessons should highlight similar situations children may find themselves in and discuss the good or bad of these character traits.

There is an emphasis in these situations on dealing with these “showdowns” – confrontations – as God would have us do. Saul” may be for a child – an abusive parent, or a bully or gang, or an unfaithful friend. Violence is a significant part of our world, and many children live in constant fear. Some are tempted to flee, and some to respond in kind. David presents us with godly responses to trouble both courageous, trusting God and merciful towards his foes.

Character traits as He similarly expresses them toward us. Psalm which was written in the context of 1 Sam 21:10-15 – David at his lowest point in fleeing Saul! A righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all. God’s guidence through His Word. David looks for a refuge.

David Joins the Philistines – Saul meets disaster – Complications, Compromises, bad decisions and God’s deliverance. Amplitheatre complete with hay bales for seating for the Cowboy Revue and Melodrama! Putting this together took a lot of energy and creativity, but our children were worth it! Staff’s pictures in western costume, done with a digital camera, and computer. Barn Party with plenty of hay and western music in a member’s hayloft to kick off the week! Davy, Son of Jesse, King of the wild Frontier! Read through the Script, it was both fun and demanding for our “troop” of actors.

Even if you don’t use the Melodrama, be sure and look it over! However, there are quite a few free Western fonts available on the internet. They are rather large files, sometimes a long time to download depending on modem speeds, so be sure and give them plenty of time. Expect to look at a blank screen till the downloadings done! I use Paint Shop Pro 5. They are about 1173 by 1524 pixels and hopefully will print out on a 8.

So many in past years have used my material with only a word of thanks, or less. My wife has done three trips to Hungary assisting my daughter who is a missionary there. Your donations can help a great deal. Children after God’s Own Heart! I hope that we can build onto this theme a great week for the children.

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