Muscles of human body pdf

Did Prophet Muhammad say that the human body is made up of muscles of human body pdf joints? Medical evidence about the 360 joints. How Many Joints in the Human Body? Technically, arthritis is inflammation of a joint.

Everyone has been created with three hundred and sixty Joints. In every morning there is a charitable act on the joints of any of you. However, to fulfill that charity, it is sufficient to pray two rak’at of Duha. The word “Sulama” in Arabic refers to the joint. It can be also used for all the body bones and the joints between them. Most of the body bones are movable, but some are fixed as those of the skull. The hadith clearly directs Muslims to be grateful to Allah, the Almighty, Who dignifies and honors man, over all other creatures, by giving him a straight upright skeleton.

It has been created of a huge number of big and small bones and cartilage. Between every two bones, there is a joint to enable the bones and to protect the body’s soft parts. These joints enable the person to stand up, sit down, lie on his side, bend, stretch, etc. Every Muslim who worships Allah, Glorified be He, must be grateful to Allah for every one of these joints, and offer a charitable act, in way of gratitude to His Creator, for this great blessing, without which life would have been impossible. I asked many of them, and their answer was between 200 and 300 bones, and around 100-300 joints.

Likewise, many international encyclopedias avoid giving an exact number of bones and joints of the human skeleton by classifying them into major groups or subdivision. The Hatchinson Encyclopedia, published in 1995, mentioned that the number of bones in a human skeleton is only 206 bones. In his book titled, “The Journey of Faith inside the Human Body”, Dr. 25 joints between the vertebrae. 72 joints between the vertebrae and the ribs. 2 joints between the bones of the sternum and the thoracic cage.

18 joints between the sternum and the ribs. 2 joints between the scapulae and the thorax. 2 joints between the scapular bones. 6 joints between the elbows.

8 joints between the wrists. 70 joints between the hand bones. 6 joints between the knee bones. 6 joints between the ankles. 74 joints between the feet bones. 4 joints between the coccyx vertebrae.

6 joints between the bones acetabulm. 1 joint of the pubic sumphysis. Those joints, mentioned in the hadith, are the movable joints in the human body, which give the ability to the vertebral column and hence the whole body to move freely. The immovable joints, as those joining the skull bones, are not counted here.

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