Motivation letter for university admission bachelor pdf

Error – Ever feel motivation letter for university admission bachelor pdf you’re in the wrong place? The link you used to get here is faulty. It’s an excellent idea to let the link owner know. Application Procedure Applications for the MA International Relations are submitted online.

The period in which submission of applications is possible is 1 December through 1 February. Applications for the MA International Relations are submitted online. Please read the information on this page carefully and completely before you start the application process. Should a German site appear you can switch to the English version by clicking the Union Jack at the top of the page. At first you should register to create an account. This will allow you to interrupt the application process and to resume it later without having to re-enter data.

Subsequently, click the start button and follow the instructions of the system. Do not send any documents in print before you receive this letter explicitly asking you to do so. At one point you will be asked for which semester you would like to apply. Unfortunately, not all of them are named explicitly on the site. A transcript of undergraduate courses and grades with a GPA equivalent to 2. 3 or better in the German grading system. Upload just one document, i.

Flooding the selection committee with papers will not improve your chances of being accepted. Admission of applicants whose degree is pending at the time of application is conditional on their providing the completed, final transcript no later than two weeks after the courses have started as well as the bachelor’s certificate by 31 December of the same year. Applications must be uploaded by 1 February. The application period starts 1 December.

Please make sure that your application is complete. Incomplete applications will not be considered. As mentioned above, exceptions are made for students who have yet to complete their BA. Please submit a transcript listing all courses and grades achieved so far. In the spring term 2018 there is one such vacancy. MA program which are recognized by the selection committee as equivalent to MA International Relations seminars worth 10 credit points or more.

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