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Mohit bhattacharya public administration pdf Notes Public Administration PDF 2018 2019. Will you please provide me the Gandhi National Open University Master of Arts Public Administration notes?

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It is as old as human history. The scope of Public Administration has expanded with the rise of the modern administrative state. It is a cooperative group effort in a public setting. It is different in significant ways from private administration. Public Adniinistratiotr is a specialised academic field.

As an aspect of this is more generic concept, Public Administration is that species of administration which operates within a specific political setting. It is a means by which the policy decisions made by the political decision makers are carried out. Public Administration is detailed and systematic execution of public law. Public Administration is “the art and science of management applied to the affairs of the State” – D. By Public Administration is meant in common usage the activities of the executive branches of the National, State and Local Governments” – H. The ‘Public’ aspect of Public Administration gives the discipline a special character. Supply Corporation can be considered a fit subject of discussion under Public Administration.

It is, however, in the first sense that Public Administration is usually considered. 4 SCOPE AND DOMAIN OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION . Government, as political authority, is the major regulator of social life. In a democratic society, Public Administration has to be explicitly ‘public’ in terms of democratic values, power-sharing and openness. This calls for a new climate in the bureaucracy. Public Administration,in practice, has to absorb the principles of democracy as an overarching form of the government. Policy Sensitivity: As governments are called upon to play increaskgly active roles in times of rapid changes and social crisis, innovative and timely policy formulation becomes a prime necessity in the government.

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