Ipuwer papyrus translation pdf

So who, then, are these Anunnaki? Ipuwer papyrus translation pdf who, then, is Yahweh?

And who is Jesus’ God? And who, then, is Allah? The Anunnaki want to claim that they are our creators! Are the Anunnaki mentioned in the Bible? Is it possible to kill the prime creators? However, the problem has a solution. There are some more peculiarities in the sentence.

Gen 4 that would otherwise be a riddle. Eden, to where Adam and Eve had to go. Then Cain took a wife and had a son with her, etc. They will all three have been ’Elohim. Jeremiah, Daniel, Hosea, Nahum und Zephaniah.

The text makes a difference between them and the humans. Paulinian and the Gnostic Christians. Christians until he converted and became Paul. Christianity began to develop only after that. Jesus and his disciples themselves.

Christian Jews arose the movement of the Gnostic Christians. Christianity close to Jesus that was in the beginning. He is impious in his madness that dwells in him. New Testament and an evil god of the Old Testament. With this, a veritable holocaust begins! Have ye saved all the women alive?

I, even I, will chastise you seven times for your sins. The guess may be reasonable. Yahweh requests that Abraham kill his own son as a sacrifice for him. They are said to be of a reptilian nature. We are only three-dimensional, i. Sumerian and related clay-plate texts.

They, of course, need life energy. Why do they do it that way? Illuminati and certain Masonic orders. Is he also an Anunnaku? It is a question of the point of view. Thus, one can actually set up the hypothesis that Yahweh is an Anunnaku! Anunnaki with our life energies.

Yahweh to a common denominator. About whom did Jesus speak here? Old Testament gives no reason for that. Jesus here spoke about Yahweh. I have come to the following hypothesis.

Jesus’ teachings became twisted and falsified. This is a real voodoo-technique for blocking his power. Goddess could not be allowed. Goddess, who anew became forgotten. Christianity and reveres Allah as the one and only god. Earth have had contacts with extraterrestrials already before. Anunnaki or, maybe, rivaling Anunnaki groups.

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