Gsm based industrial automation pdf

Big Gsm based industrial automation pdf of 8051 Micro Controller based Projects, Circuits and Project Kits. 8051 based Main Project and Mini Project for Electronics Engineering Students.

Looking for Latest Electronics Project Kits? Medium Level and Easy one’s like Water Level Controller, Solar Panel Tracker, Ultrasonic Range Finder etc. Polytechnic Students to fulfill their Main Project and Mini Project course works. We have designed and developed project kits suitable for Electrical Engineering Students, Electronics and Communication Engineering Students, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Students, Biomedical Engineering Students and for students in various other Electronics Engineering Degree courses and Diploma courses.

So let’s begin with a list of Advanced Project Kits using 8051 Microcontroller. Engineering Level and Diploma courses. Advanced Level projects always find great application and usefulness in real-world. Advanced Projects helps an Engineering Student to learn how to build a real-world application or to solve a real-world problem. This project kit is an exact model of Electronic Voting Machines used for conducting Elections all over the world.

The presiding officer control is setup using 3 keys where the first key is to start voting process, 2nd key is to activate ballot unit for voting and 3rd key is to stop voting process and start counting. Upto 8 candidates can be setup in the voting machine as contestants. A 32KB memory unit is provided to store each candidates vote count. You can buy the kit from our store for a very reasonable price. RFID Reader, RFID Tags and Serial Communication of 8051.

We all have seen RFID based Access Control devices in hospitals, banks, IT parks, Software Companies and in many other buildings. This project is a model of real-world RFID based Access control devices. In this project kit, we store the unique RFID Tags of employees or other personnel inside the program memory of 8051 microcontroller. RFID Reader, access will be granted. You can purchase the kit from our store for an affordable price. 2 LCD display in beats per minute. This project kit is very unique and is ideal for students taking Bio Medical courses like Bio Medical Engineering.

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