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IJzeren voetring voor gevangenen transparent background. Prostitutes in South Korea global slavery index pdf the U. French administration but the vastness of Mauritania mostly gave the law very little succeses.

However, no criminal laws were passed to enforce the ban. In 2007, “under international pressure”, the government passed a law allowing slaveholders to be prosecuted. Global Slavery Index estimate that Mauritania has the highest proportion of people in slavery of any country in the world. While other countries in the region have people in “slavelike conditions”, the situation in Mauritania is “unusually severe”, according to African history professor Bruce Hall. West, an act of enmity toward Islam”. Gulnara Shahinian, evaluated slavery practices in the country. Slave status has been passed down through the generations.

Slaves “may be bought and sold, rented out and given away as gifts”. Slavery in Mauritania is “prevalent in both rural and urban areas”, but women are reportedly “disproportionately affected” by slavery. Women slaves “are subject to sexual assault by their masters”. They usually sleep and eat in the same quarters as the animals of their owning families. Slaves are “not restrained by chains” but by “economic” and “psychological” factors.

Islamic motivation and a desire to “divert attention” away “from the atrocities committed by Israel”. 2009 was sentenced to six months in prison for allegedly taking part in unauthorised rally. According to Abdel Nasser Ould Ethmane, a political adviser to the African Union and a cofounder of the abolitionist group SOS Slaves, the Mauritanian government’s “line” on slavery is: “Slavery no longer exists, and talk of it suggests manipulation by the West, an act of enmity toward Islam, or influence from the worldwide Jewish conspiracy. Mauritania in all cases, especially with this government, this is in the past.

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