Electric motor testing procedure pdf

Please forward this error screen to 104. This page was last edited on 11 October 2017, at 09:46. It should be noted that the scope of motor testing depends upon the motor type and electric motor testing procedure pdf, this being indicated on the inspection forms.

Share with your Facebook friends! Motor vibration shall be measured in a tri-axial direction, i. Temperature rise from ambient max. Bearing temperature rise by RTD max. Need checklist of Mechanical Sequence for motor Solo Run test. We have a medium voltage motor that has been relocated.

Does this motor need a solo run? I have read your article its good and wish you could be sending me your newsletter. This is a very useful article. The Reason is to Protect the Drives, ! We have did solo run test to a squirrel cage induction motor at our construction site. We have run the motor for 4hr and every 30 min current has measured.

4 Amps but we got 0. Is there any special procedure for vertical motor solo run test? We are doing solo run test for the motors in our construction project. The value of no load current we are getting is not matching with the data sheet value. For example on data sheet the value mentioned is 9Amps but we are getting 11Amps. Is there any problem for this? Any standard is available which is giving a guidline on this.

Thank you for your response. Induction motor on general takes 30 to 40 percent of Full load current. There is not much difference between 9 Amp and 11 amp. During construction site, voltage may varies.

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