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This is a good article. Follow the link for more information. The character made her first screen appearance during the premiere episode titled “I Wasn’t Driving miss daisy script pdf”, which aired on July 11, 2013.

Young Rosa” in flashback sequences. Rosenblat originally auditioned for another character but producers asked her to portray Miss Rosa. The character is a cancer sufferer who is incarcerated in Litchfield federal prison because she committed armed bank robberies. Rosenblat did not want to shave her head for the role and a make-up artist was hired to fit a prosthetic appliance to her head creating the character’s baldness. The application process took three hours, meaning that the actress had to arrive on set earlier than other cast members. Initially there was no character biography created for Miss Rosa and it was Rosenblat who implemented a Hispanic background and accent. The character is respected amongst fellow inmates and despite her criminal past she has a caring nature and good heart.

The show remained focused on developing Miss Rosa’s cancer storyline and her illness progressed to terminal stages. She was used to close the second season finale where she is told she has weeks to live. She escapes Litchfield in a stolen prison van and murders Vee with it. In the first episode of the third season, it is revealed that Miss Rosa commits suicide by driving the van into a quarry. Critical reception of the character has generally been positive. Various critics praised the character for being the second season’s break out role. John Powers thought that she had a “clumsy” backstory.

The character was created for the pilot episode of the show. At the time the character did not have a surname and there was no characterization. Later she was asked to play Miss Rosa after she impressed the casting director. Rosenblat asked her agent for more details about the character but the only information supplied was that Miss Rosa suffers from an unknown form of cancer.

Little was known because only the first episode had been planned. Alongside dialogue acquired from the audition, the actress had the creative freedom to develop Miss Rosa’s image and persona. Miss Rosa has a unique Hispanic accent which Rosenblat created and puts on. She drew inspiration from her scripts and costume.

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