Difference between austempering and martempering pdf

Smithells Metals Reference Book, Eighth Edition, Gale, W. 2004, reproduced difference between austempering and martempering pdf Grange, R. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions, 1977, Vol8A, p.

The first thing that is obvious is that this is a high carbon steel. Landes, Messerklingen und Stahl, 2. DIN 12206 which is a 1. As the carbon content drops so does the volume of carbide. 1084 or 1095, the carbide volume will only be a couple of percent. 1095 is likely to be near identical.

1045 or similar alloys such as 4340? The bush knife from Takach forge was a solid example of 1084. 1095 is a very high carbon steel steel. TME due to cementite precipitation. Ontario RTAK also took severe damage clipping off branch stubs . The TOPS Steel Eagle also had several problem in regards to brittle fracture.

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