Dfa passport renewal application form pdf

We have listed down all the essential information you need to know about Philippine passport application, dfa passport renewal application form pdf and requirements. No idea how to get your passport?

You need it every time you travel, work abroad or prove to someone your citizenship. Getting a Philippine passport used to be very complicated. But with the advent of technology and DFA’s partnership with Teleserv, securing a passport has never been this easier. As of this writing, Pilipinas Teleserv, Inc. It has been under APO Productions, Inc. Through the online processing system, you can now set an appointment according to your chosen day and time. And with an optional express processing, you can easily get your passport delivered to your home within just 7 working days.

Whether you’re a new applicant or about to renew your passport, this article will provide everything you need. Ensure you have all the requirements for online appointment system. A working computer with internet access. A PDF reader and a working printer to view and print the system-generated application form in A4-size paper. Make an online appointment with DFA. Fill in all the required information correctly. A reference number will be sent to your email together with a link to print your application form.

Bring this printed form on the day of your appointment. You need either a valid Gmail or Yahoo! In setting an appointment, choose an earlier time as much as possible. By doing this, you can potentially avoid longer queues. If you placed multiple appointments, please be reminded that your previous appointments will be automatically cancelled. Proceed to DFA office on your appointed time and date.

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