Deliverance by james dickey pdf

Cahulawassee River in the north Georgia wilderness. The river valley will soon be flooded by a dam to deliverance by james dickey pdf a reservoir. Besides Ed, the protagonists are insurance salesman Bobby Trippe, soft drink executive Drew Ballinger, and landlord Lewis Medlock, a physically fit outdoorsman who is the driving force behind the canoe trip. The men drive into the mountains with two canoes.

After arranging with some local mechanics, the dirty and intimidating Griner brothers, to drive the foursome’s cars down to the fictitious town of Aintry, where the canoe voyage will end two days later, the men put into the river and begin their journey. Ed reflects on the isolation into which the group has now voyaged. Sighting a deer, he shoots but misses because he loses his nerve at the last moment. After breaking camp, Ed and Bobby set out in one canoe slightly ahead of Lewis and Drew.

After spending a night in the camp, Bobby has changed his mind about the trip and is frustrated by Lewis’ leadership, so Ed takes him as a canoe partner to keep the two apart. Bobby to strip from the waist down. The two mountain men walk Bobby, who shows no resistance and bows his head, to a log and order that he bend over it, they push his shirt tail up with the rifle. Bobby causing him to scream in pain at a high pitch that Lewis and Drew hear from a distance. During this assault, the Toothless Man is still holding Ed prisoner at gunpoint. At the moment of the shotgun transfer, Lewis, hidden in the woods, shoots Bobby’s assailant with an arrow.

The men have a fiery debate about what to do. Lewis wants to bury the body, arguing that if they inform the police they might be tried by a jury consisting of the dead man’s relatives. Drew wants to turn the body over to police in Aintry. Bobby, embarrassed and furious, physically attacks the corpse and then agrees with Lewis, adding “I don’t want this getting around.

Drew desperately tries to persuade Ed to “do the right thing,” but Ed ignores his pleas and sides with Lewis. The men bury the body and take to their canoes, with Ed and Drew teamed up again. The party’s wooden canoe breaks up in the rapids. Lewis declares that Drew was shot by the escaped mountain man.

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