Coptic orthodox liturgy pdf

The structure, history and practices coptic orthodox liturgy pdf the Coptic Orthodox Church, the main Christian Church in Egypt and one of the oldest churches outside the Holy Land. This page has been archived and is no longer updated.

Find out more about page archiving. Pope Shenouda III during a 2007 visit to New York. The Coptic Orthodox Church is the main Christian Church in Egypt, where it has between 6 and 11 million members. 100 churches in the USA and a cathedral in the UK.

Copts believe that their Church dates back to around 50 AD, when the Apostle Mark is said to have visited Egypt. Mark is regarded as the first Pope of Alexandria. This makes it one of the earliest Christian groups outside the Holy Land. The early Church suffered persecution under the Roman Empire, and there were intermittent persecutions after Egypt became a Muslim country. Modern Copts claim that they are still disadvantaged and play a lesser part in Egyptian public life than their numbers justify.

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