Computer basic notes in hindi pdf

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The set of instructions is called _______________. BASIC was developed by ____________________ and __________________________. Command clears the contents of the screen. Statement is used to print any message or results. The extension of BASIC programs is _____________. The maximum size of filename in Basic is _____. Sign is used at the end of a string variable.

Length of a string variable can be maximum up to _____________ characters. A _________________________ is a set of symbols which are used in a programming language. Answer in one word or one sentence. Give any four examples of programming language.

What is the use of END statement in QBasic? Which statement in QBasic is not executed and ignored by the computer? What is the output of the following QBasic statement? Which relational operator is used to check the equality between two operands? Which function key is used to run a program in QBasic? Name the relational operators in QBasic. The Central Board of Secondary Education has been declaring the schedule for both practical as well as internal examinations to the affiliated schools.

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