Child health in india pdf

National Capital Territory of Delhi in 1992-1993. The repeated survey NFHS-2, 1998-1999. Both have focus child health in india pdf fertility and child mortality, family planning and health.

NFHS 2 was funded by USAID through ORC Macro and UNICEF. We assist in providing health education to villages. Primarily in the area of mother and child nutrition, water, hygiene, sanitation and diarrhoea management. ORC Macro, Calverton, Maryland, USA and the East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Government of India, designated IIPS as the nodal agency, responsible for providing coordination and technical guidance for the NFHS.

Each FO was responsible for conducting survey activities in one or more states covered by the NFHS. Technical assistance for the NFHS was provided by ORC Macro and the East-West Center. The survey collected extensive information on population, health, and nutrition, with an emphasis on women and young children. IIPS in all stages of conducting NFHS-1.

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