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Teaching Materials Using Case Studies by Claire Davis and Elizabeth Wilcock. A booklet in challenger case study pdf 12 Guides to Lecturers series published by the UK Centre for Materials Education. This guide explores the use of the case-based approach to support engineering education and, more specifically, their role in Materials Science related Higher Education courses. The guide also gives 5 examples of case studies that illustrate some of the different topics discussed in the guide.

People working at tables, water molecule magnified, groups of people working, split over three small windows. Materials Science related Higher Education courses. Materials Science, Sports and Materials Science etc. In this guide, we consider the topic of case studies in its entirety. What Is a Case Study? Why Use Case Studies in Teaching? Well, it’s real stuff isn’t it?

Did We Find It Hard to Introduce Case Studies Into Our Teaching? We have now rectified this. How Do You Develop a Case Study? However, problems may arise when trying to involve students. Series and the SEDA paper 102 ‘Peer Assessment in Practice’. Are Case Studies a Good Learning Approach for All Students?

Group working may also not be suited to all students. Explanation of case study requirements. Greater guidance was required as to how the marks were allocated. Students are assigned to groups of 4-6 for the session. To illustrate why given materials are used for a particular application.

To ensure that progress is being made. To ensure the egalitarian operation of groups. Students then discuss and share their ideas. Design, Fatigue and Fracture and Materials Processing. Classroom, ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Report No. Journal of Geography in Higher Education Vol.

Modern Case Studies, European Journal of Engineering Education. Studies, Journal of Engineering Education. Innovations in Education and Training International. Learning Experientially through Case Studies? Analysis Teaching in Higher Education Vol. What is a Case Study?

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