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In order for a candle to be a valid hammer most traders say the lower wick must be two times greater than the size of the body portion of the candle, and the body of the candle must be at the upper end of the trading range. After seeing this chart pattern form in the market most traders will wait for the next period candlestick pattern analysis pdf open higher than the close of the previous period to confirm that the buyers are actually in control. Two additional things that traders will look for to place more significance on the pattern are a long lower wick and an increase in volume for the time period that formed the hammer.

This page was last edited on 8 January 2018, at 11:46. To have a valid Morning Star formation, most traders look for the top of the third candle to be at least halfway up the body of the first candle in the pattern. Black candles indicate falling prices, and white candles indicate rising prices. When found in a downtrend, this pattern can be an indication that a reversal in the price trend is going to take place.

Then, a period of lower trading with a reduced range, which indicates indecision in the market, forms the second candle. This is followed by a large white candle, which represents buyers taking control of the market. As the Morning Star is a three-candle pattern, traders often don’t wait for confirmation from a fourth candle before they buy the stock. High volumes on the third trading day confirm the pattern. Traders look at the size of the candles for an indication of the size of the potential reversal. The larger the white and black candle, and the higher the white candle moves in relation to the black candle, the larger the potential reversal. The Morning Star pattern is circled.

Note the high trading volumes on the third day. The opposite occurring at the top of an uptrend is called an evening star. This page was last edited on 12 April 2017, at 06:59. Candlestick chart patterns highlight trend weakness and reversal signals that may not be apparent on a normal bar chart. Incredible Charts Stock Market Charting Software. Please enable Javascript to use our menu!

The shadow is the portion of the trading range outside of the body. A long tail signals support. The doji candlestick occurs when the open and closing price are equal. We now look at clusters of candlesticks. How one candlestick relates to another will often indicate whether a trend is likely to continue or reverse, or it can signal indecision, when the market has no clear direction. Harami formations, on the other hand, signal indecision. Harami candlesticks indicate loss of momentum and potential reversal after a strong trend.

Harami means ‘pregnant’ which is quite descriptive. More controversial is the Hanging Man formation. It is therefore advisable to treat the Hanging Man as a consolidation pattern, signaling indecision, and only take moves from subsequent breakouts, below the recent low or high. The bodies must not overlap, though their shadows may. Reversal is confirmed if a subsequent candle closes in the bottom half of the initial, long candlestick body. The Morning Star pattern signals a bullish reversal after a down-trend. The first candlestick has a long black body.

Many candlestick clusters will resolve as continuation signals after initially signaling indecision. But there are a few patterns that suggest coninuation right from the outset. The final white line forms a new closing high. How Good Is Your Market Analysis?

Trading and the Economy, as well as new software updates. Japanese Candlestick Chart Patterns, displayed from strongest to weakest. Reversals are candlestick patterns that tend to resolve in the opposite direction to the prevailing trend. Continuation Patterns are candlestick patterns that tend to resolve in the same direction as the prevailing trend.

Consolidation Patterns are typically weak candlestick patterns that have close to an even chance of resolving in either direction. Identify top-performing stocks using proprietary Twiggs Money Flow, Twiggs Momentum and powerful stock screens. Protect your capital with money management and trailing stop losses. Download Incredible Charts and receive a 30-day FREE TRIAL of our Premium Service.

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