Bcom business management pdf

Please forward this error screen to 158. I have put in an application for BCom Business Informatics so that I can take advantage of the bcom business management pdf common modules I have already done.

The administrator has disabled public write access. I’m doing the exact opposite than you. I’m in the process of admission application for next year to do BSc Informatics. I also think its great to take advantage of the common modules, better to study half the time and get another degree then have to start from the beginning. I always said I will only be happy when I have my BA, BCom and BSc. I could have the done BCom Bus.

Informatics – but have decided to do the BSc just to be able to do the above – I believe one must have fun with your studies as well. MBA if you don’t want to specialize too much. That left me with nothing to do at UNISA, yet I like the great atmosphere and general interaction, so I have applied for another bachelor’s with UNISA, for no functional purpose really . I’ll keep my notes and share them with you.

I’m inclined to say every 5 years. 2 and then start all over again. We are walking down the same street from opposite ends. I can’t resist submitting myself to an exam! Unisa will select and discard 3 modules at their discretion – I would suggest you select 3 that you wont mind redoing or those models that you would like to “improve your” score in to redo them – it sucks but its a fact. Note sharing and examination preparation sharing – is my forte. Really don’t know, actually it could be a bit of a problem.

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