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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. 1964-1965 season on Thursdays at 9:30pm ET. The show was directed by Gary Nelson and Bob Sweeney. Sam’s relentless efforts to learn the secret formula which five-year-old Stanley uses as bait to capture enormous white sea bass lead him to the parlor of an attractive widow. Sam unwittingly charters his fishing boat to a band of armed robbers fleeing a crime. Commodore Wyntoon schemes for the defeat of Jim Bailey and the return of the around-the-stand swimming race trophy to the yacht club.

Fearful that Commodore Wyntoon will make another attempt to squeeze him off his property, Sam signs his estate over to his son. Wanna Buy A Hot Turkey? Commodore Wyntoon makes an attempt to frame the Baileys for stealing a turkey after Buck unknowlingly buys a stolen bird. The call of the four winds and seven seas, coupled with petty quarrels with Sam, stir Buck Singleton to ship out from Bailey’s Landing. The Bailey’s neighbor, five-year-old Stanley, takes charge of Sam’s harbor tours when Sam falls victim to illness.

Following an argument with his father, Jim Bailey defects to the side of the yachting set, forcing Sam to seek a replacement for Jim’s chores. Won’t You Come Home, Sam Bailey? When Sam meets an attractive actress, he decides to court her while at the same time continuing his wooing of widow Emily Sheldon. An affectionate seal named Lester moves into the Bailey household and improves Sam’s business in the process. Sam finds a way to express his anger after the park closes before his band has an opportunity to perform. Sam dreams he is commodore of the yacht club and devises a plan to force Commodore Wyntoon to sell property to him. A secret formula for treating surfboards leads to the kidnapping of a teenage chemistry wizard.

Commodore Wyntoon and his superior in yacht club affairs, Walter Langley, conspire to remove Jim Bailey from both the Balboa scene and Barbara Wyntoon’s life. While caring for Stanley for one week, Sam gets in trouble when he takes the child out of nursery school in a dispute over educational methods. Sam’s nephew turns “invisible” in an attempt to escape deportation from Balboa and the end of a romance. Commodore Wyntoon challenges Sam and Buck to match his “achievement” of getting a speeding ticket in a vintage car. Commodore Wyntoon devises with Jim Bailey to spook Buck out of his moving van and back into the household.

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