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What is the purpose and importance of test plans in software testing? ISTQB Exam Certification » What is the purpose and importance of test plans author’s purpose test pdf software testing? Previous Post: What are the roles and responsibilities of a Tester?

Next Post: What things to keep in mind while planning tests? What is fundamental test process in software testing? What is test design technique? Many people have different definitions for test plans.

Why it is required to write test plans? Writing a test plan forces us to confront the challenges that await us and focus our thinking on important topics. Failure to allow enough time for system test, in particular, is peculiarly disastrous. The project is fully staffed, and cost-per day is maximum .

It is therefore very important to allow enough system test time in the original schedule. By using a template for writing test plans helps us remember the important challenges. You can use the IEEE 829 test plan template shown in this chapter, use someone else’s template, or create your own template over time. What are the roles and responsibilities of a Tester? We can complete this communication by circulating one or two test plan drafts and through review meetings.

As we keep note or document the answers to these kinds of questions, the test plan becomes a record of previous discussions and agreements between the testers and the rest of the project team. During early phases of the project, as we gather more information, we revise our plans. As the project evolves and situations change, we adapt our plans. By updating the plan at major milestone helps us to keep testing aligned with project needs.

As we run the tests, we make final adjustments to our plans based on the results. At times it is better to write multiple test plans in some situations. What are Software Testing Levels? For some systems projects, a hardware test plan and a software test plan will address different techniques and tools as well as different audiences. However, there are chances that these test plans can get overlapped, hence, a master test plan should be made that addresses the common elements of both the test plans can reduce the amount of redundant documentation.

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