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In 2012, it rebranded itself with a new logo and tagline: “Shaping Tomorrow’s Built Environment Today”. As of 2015, ASHRAE has more than 50,000 members. One of the four volumes is updated each year. These standards are periodically reviewed, revised and republished. 2001 and earlier as “62”, 2004 and beyond as “62.

They contain articles on related technology, information on upcoming meetings, editorials, and case studies of various well-performing buildings. To demonstrate the Society’s commitment to sustainability, ASHRAE renovated its existing headquarters building in Atlanta, Ga. 60 percent reduction from the pre-renovation value. The building also serves as a live case study. A web-based user interface allows researchers around the world to extract data from the building to study factors such as energy use and electric power demand, water consumption and indoor air quality.

This page was last edited on 13 December 2017, at 01:11. Graduate of the Year, Raphael Amajuoyi, with ASHRAE President Bjarne W. Please note that the presentations below are the personal views of the presenters who come from around the world so are based on their local understanding, custom and practice. They are made available here to provoke discussion and encourage further research.

They must not be used or taken as a statement of any CIBSE or CIBSE ASHRAE Group policy or advice. Robin Steinbrecher’s presentation – ‘The work and output of ASHRAE Technical Committee TC9. Whose green building standards are more effective – US or Europe? Indoor air quality – how can buildings become safe havens from pollution? To see the presentation video a free login will be needed – click the image below . Is the adoption of an old hydronic solution contributing to the current performance gap?

Debate: Heat Pumps or Passive Cooling – the most effective low carbon solution? Heat Vents – do we need both? Green buildings or green wash? To download a PDF file of each of the four presentations . Dubai and the Middle East – a sustainable cocktail of building designs and standards? Energy Certificates for all – 12 days to lift off!

Hospital Design – An ocean apart? Noise Control in HVAC: Passive, Active or None? Note this is a VERY large file of 2. Replacing Air Conditioning Systems : Is it worth it? NOTE this is a large file of 1. ASHRAE 62-99 – Should we adopt it in the UK? The most recent version of the standard was published in 2017.

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