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CflmCO FERGUSON  80 20 catalog pdf 2008 www. Posilioning our customers for productivily. IMC Table of Contents INDUSTRIAL MOTION CONTROL, U. MC Quality Policy INDUSTRIAL MOTION CONTROL, LUC.

Quality Policy Industrial Motion Control, LLC designs and builds motion control components for integrators and users of automation equipment. Our objective is to serve this industry by providing the best value in products and services to our customers. To accomplish this, Industrial Motion Control, LLC is committed to continuai improvement in our overall business performance. MC I Introduction INDUSTRIAL MOTION CONTROL, U. Wheeling, IL USA, is a leading manufacturer of precision cam-actuated index drives, parts handlers, in-line conveyors and custom cams. Wheeling, Illinois USA Braine-le-Chteau, Belgium Formed by the merger of Commercial Cam Co.

IMC offers the widest range of products in the industry. IMC Introduction INDUSTRIAL MOTION CONTROL, LLC. IMC serves designers, builders and users of specialty automation equipment worldwide with manufacturing facilities in both North American and Europe. South America, Asia and Europe. MC Introduction INDUSTRIAL MOTION CONTROL, LLC. IMC has a full staff of technically trained sales engineers and applications engineers to help select and specify the appropriate components for each specific machine design application. Proprietary software ensures that components are selected to meet the customers’ require-ments for accuracy, speed, load capacity and life expectancy.

Our manufacturing plants adhre to ISO-9001:2000 standards in all manufacturing and business functions. Our CNC milling and grinding equipment is state-of-the-art. Through superior product design and investment in the best production equipment and facilities both in North America and Europe. IMC provides application engineering assistance as well as in-field service and repair. Engineering iMC INDUSTRIAL MOTION CONTROL, LUC.

Cam-actuated motion control is a specialized business. In a 4 to 5-year university curriculum for mechanical engineering, most students spend only a few weeks studying cams and their related mechanisms. In addition to continuing academic research, many advances in cam technology have been made by companies and employees involved in the commercial application of these products. This engineering section provides the basic concepts necessary for machine designers to wisely choose the best cam solutions for their application. IMC Engineering INDUSTRIAL MOTION COIfTROL, LUC What is Indexing?

Indexing can be linear or rotary. As defined by IMC, indexing is the process of starting and stopping in prթcise intervais at precise locations. The advantages of cam-controlled motion are obvious and effectively demonstrated in everyday life by the camshaft found in automobile engines. No other technology can provide comparable speed, prcision, repeatability, load capability and reliability. Engineering A Controlled Indexing is comprised of three sections or phases: acclration, peak velocity and d驩clra驭tion. To optimize the transition from one phase to the next, several standard motion profiles have been developed.

They include Cycloidal, Modifid Sin and Modifi驩d Trapzoidal. Special Polynomial curves can be constructed for these applications. IMC Engineering INDUSTRIAL MOTION CONTROL, LLC Types of Index Drives IMC manufactures all three types of index drive geometries: Roller Gear, Right Angle, and Parallel. Roller Gear perpendicular to the output shaft. Large cam diameters relative to the output follower wheel allow for a wide rande of special motions, short motion periods and a large output displacement for relatively smaller input displacement.

IMC Engineering INDUSTRIAL MOTION CONTROL, LUC. Parallel This family of indexers use a pair of conjugate plate cams with yoke-mounted followers mounted parallel to the axis of the output. The input shaft is parallel to the output shaft. With this parallel configuration, there are no ribs on the cam as found on Roller Gear and Right Angle indexers. Also unique to the Parallel family is no reversal of the cam followers. Since they rotate in the same direction throughout the index cycle, index rates of over 1000 indexes per minute are possible. We have provided our catalog as a PDF download on this site for your convience.

You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to view this file. Restoration Specialties 148 Minnow Creek Lane Windber, PA 15963. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Click on Table of Content page to find the page needed, then click on the corresponding page. CflmCO FERGUSON  April 2008 www.

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